Dariusz Olearczyk
Entrepreneur who goes against the flow with a head full of ideas.
Looking for unconventional solutions and unusual businesses. Related toe-commerce. Sports enthusiast.

Remigiusz Szczepaniak
CEO & cO founder
Entrepreneur, inventor, investor, visionary. Associated with the familybusiness for 30 years. A man who is not afraid of challenges. Athlete,promoter of a healthy lifestyle.

Anna Parkita
Sales ManagAmbitious, creative and charismatic; she specializes in economics, finance and foreign trade. Purposeful, responsible and determined inpursuit of her goals.

Artur Parkita
Project Manager
Entrepreneur, strategist, sports and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, for many years working in the field of trade, marketing and training. In his spare time, he develops his sports and automotive passions, learns about modern technologies and financial markets.

Katarzyna Kozieł Kozłowska
Law advisor
Energetic, full of optimism and motivation to act. Ambitious anddetermined in pursuit of the goal. She has been involved in the industry for years legal. He specializes mainly in commercial law, administrative, medical and personal data protection.

Alicja Socha
Economic Analyst
He has 20 years of experience in the finance of international companies and investment funds. Analytical mind, not afraid of problem solving. She is passionate about yoga, Ayurveda and a healthy lifestyle