we commercialize inven​tions

The experience of COINNTECH in both the invention and investment industry is essential to realize the full potentia​l of the project and obtain maximum results.

— Remigiusz Szczepaniak CEO of COINNTECH & G4G


Below is a list of three optional projects that can be implemented by COINNTECH in the event of the establishment of an investment fund

Biotechnology / TGS

A highly advanced biotechnological project aimed at inventing new active substances able to treat lifestyle diseases, such as chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.

AIM FOOD / Healthy Food Project

The AIM FOOD project, implemented by INWEX FOOD, aims to create a new quality of food combining the traditional method of cultivation with modern chemical and biochemical technology, safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Clinic of Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases

A comprehensive response to health problems affecting people in the 21st century. It aims to help people affected by chronic and lifestyle diseases, as well as to share knowledge about health prevention and raise awareness about proper nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. We want to make sure that those who put trust in us will enjoy good health for many yearS.

The development of our projects will exceed your expectations. Our roadmap will be systematically enlarged with new projects, which will ensure further development of the future COINNTECH investment fund, and thus - the value of our token.


Stage One (Q3 2021)

• ​COINNTECH registration in Estonia
• ​Legal consultation, blockchain and crowdfunding specialisation
• ​Choice of purchasing platform  -  signing of contract
• ​Choice of KYC operator (AMDL5)  -  signing of contract
• Creation of a deflation token (ERC20)

• ​Creation of a team based on own collaborators and medical and blockchain specialists
• ​Preparation and publication of the G4G website with the presentation of medical projects
• Signing an agreement with the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations and SPWiR
• Preparation of social-media channels (FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram)

Stage Two (Q4 2021)

• Launch of the world’s first ITTO - white list
• First, private pre-sale round, limited quantity of tokens with purchase bonus (Pre-sale)
• ​Launch of the marketing campaign

• Transfer of purchased tokens to buyers’ wallets
• ​Launch of the educational campaign
• Overview and application to cryptocurrency exchanges
• Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika application

Stage Thr​ee (Q1 2022)

• ​Start of work on the possibility of establishing an investment fund
• Educational campaign - cancer free

• ​Educational campaign "AIM FOOD"
• ​Educational campaign "Clinic for Chronic and Civilization Diseases"

stage four (q1 2023 )

• Switching from ETHEREUM (ERC20) to own blockchain